Empire Auctions are experts in the valuation of tangible and intangible assets and their subsequent sale or disposal. We pride ourselves on the objectivity of our assessment of value based not only on the assets themselves but also the timescale for sale and also any associated special circumstances.


Naturally, as the name suggests we use auctions as our primary method of sale or disposal. From time to time we will use Private Treaty, or the Tender Sale process to obtain the best return. 

We conduct both live auctions and online auctions and are happy to recommend which is more suitable for each transaction.


Valuations and disposals are core activities in insolvency and consequently we have over ten years of experience in working with insolvency cases acting as agent, valuer and auctioneer in many cases.


Our objective is to make the whole process as simple and easy as possible and we are happy to get involved to whatever level our clients require.


Empire Auctions conducts its auction business both online and offline. Proper advance work is necessary to ensure the auction proceeds smoothly and professionally so that everyone is satisfied. Auctions can be a serious business, but they can also be fun either online or at a public outcry sale. People enjoy coming out to hear the rhythmic, enticing chant of the auctioneer while others prefer to bid online.


Registered bidders will test the waters with a tentative bid then the excitement begins. Auctions are people pleasing events that no other type of marketing can come close to. It is what brings bidders out and what stimulates their competitive natures. It is our job to hold their interest, excite and motivate them and change them from bystanders to active participants.


Auctions Preparations

Online auctions are very similar to public outcry auction. Both outcomes result in a sale being made in a competitive environment. The difference with online auctions is that competitive bidding is conducted over the internet. The function of buying and selling in an auction format is made possible through auction software which organizes the various processes.

Empire Auction provides and manages the auction environment for both the seller and buyer either online or at a public outcry event. Ninety percent of our work takes place before the first buyer places a bid. Once the terms and conditions of the sale are established and questions answered we prepare an activity schedule. We determine a marketing strategy to connect with buyers via email and various advertising media with a focus on the product and/or the market sector.


The auction details are placed online. A catalogue is produced and all assets in the sale are tagged, lotted and pictures taken. Arrangements are made for loading of assets if required to a secure facility if they are not able to be sold from the existing location.


Empire Auctions register buyers on line and provide full cashiering facilities. Our professional auction staff assists with bidding and provides results at the conclusion of the auction. Loading equipment can be arranged for removal of assets if required. We also settle any retention of title claims and send out the final settlements.


Advance planning includes: establishing and making clear the proper Terms and Conditions that will govern the auction; the method of payment; the transfer of title and bill of sale; time and place of pick up and all the other details that must be addressed and coordinated. Empire Auctions carries professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance